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Research Partnership ranks 24th in the top 100 agencies

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20 December 2022

The UK’s best-performing market research agencies were revealed this week with the publication of Research Live’s Industry Report for 2023, which includes the latest Market Research Society (MRS) League Tables. Based on available 2021 financial data that was compiled and analyzed in November 2022, the MRS league tables identify and rank the best-performing research agencies and businesses according to their UK-based turnover and by their year-on-year growth.

As the world continued to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Research Partnership held a strong position in 24th place among the Top 100 individual agencies, with a turnover of £45.136m. This represented a 12% increase on the previous year’s turnover, against an industry average of 6.4%. In addition, Research Partnership was ranked 27th in the top 50 consolidated business league table.

Co-CEO Mark Jeffery commented, “We are delighted to see that Research Partnership continues to hold a strong position in the MRS rankings, as well as a steady rise in turnover every year. We’ve achieved good growth in both our custom market research and market access services, as well as our syndicated business, which put us in a strong position for our acquisition by Ashfield in February 2022. We are now part of Inizio, a strategic partner for health and life sciences that unites Ashfield and Huntsworth’s full suite of advisory, medical, marketing, communications, and patient and stakeholder engagement services. As a company within the Inizio Advisory business unit, we are now excellently placed to offer our clients in global healthcare a broader breadth of services and insights.”

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