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How we sized the market and mapped the patient journey across a rare hormonal disorder

The challenge

Our client’s hormonal therapy, Product X, was approved for treatment across a range of therapy areas including children’s health for Central Precocious Puberty (CPP). In order to assess future opportunities for Product X performance across Europe, market research was required to gain a better understanding of the CPP market.


The solution

We conducted a two-phase qual-quant study to size the market and identify opportunities for further development of Product X in CPP.

Phase 1: 25 qualitative TDIs were conducted with Paediatricians and Endocrinologists in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK . Interviews were highly exploratory and designed to identify key stakeholders who could play a role in referral and management and to better understand the patient flow, including the low level of treatment initiation.


Phase 2: Despite is being a rare condition; 170 quantitative online surveys were conducted with HCPs managing relevant children as defined in the qualitative phase. The structured surveys were designed to validate the patient journey, populate the patient flow and deliver output metrics that would feed into future forecasting models.


The outputs

Our top-down storylined report provided our client with a clear understanding of the management of this rare condition across Europe and identified specific ways in which they could leverage Product X performance to develop future business. The findings from our research enabled our client to enhance their strategic decision making for improving sales performances in the countries, reinforcing their value proposition and strengthening their market leadership in CPP.

In addition to our report, our inhouse creative design team, The Studio, developed a visually engaging infographic to map out the validated patient journey, which could then be shared across the organization.


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