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How we helped to refine and optimize the positioning and pricing strategy for a migraine therapy

The challenge

Our client wanted to refine and optimize their positioning and pricing strategy for Product X, used for the treatment of Chronic Migraine (CM) and Episodic Migraine (EM). Market research was required to understand how various stakeholders position Product X and what the perceived impact of various EM and CM indication sequences would be on prescribing intent, price and perceived value.

The solution

Phase 1: 149 online quantitative interviews were conducted with migraine specialists treating both EM and CM patients prophylactically to understand their current usage, gauge their reactions to product profiles for both Product X and competing Product Y, and determine their intention to prescribe Product X in the future.

Phase 2: 31 qualitative interviews were conducted with payers and payer-advising KOLS to understand the varying treatment and access landscapes, clinical perceptions of Product X, expected HTA outcomes and pricing and reimbursement implications.

Markets: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK

The outputs

As a result of our research we were able to:

  • Assess stakeholders perceived value of Product X based on the latest clinical trial results
  • Quantify the impact of revised end points and side effects on prescribing intent
  • Explore HCP preference for oral vs injection prophylactics
  • Compare Product X vs. Product Y by identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncover anticipated Product X positioning relative to other treatments including novel mechanisms of actions and other established agents
  • Assess the impact of new data on willingness to pay
  • Explore indication sequencing opportunities
  • Quantify the effect of EM only indication versus of CM and EM indication and made recommendations on impact of this for launch scenarios and pricing

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