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How we helped to concept test diabetes insulin pen connectivity to understand the comparative benefits of four insulin pen ideas

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The challenge

Our client wanted to understand the comparative benefits of their four connective insulin pen ideas (a connected device to help track patients insulin dosing electronically with a companion app) and understand what value patients and HCPs place on these innovations.

The solution

A sufficient sample was needed to allow our client a robust read across both HCPs and a varied patient population. We conducted 60-minute, face-to-face in-depth interviews with patients and endocrinologists/PCPs and 90-minute mini-groups (4-5 respondents) with all respondent types. Patients were all diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who self-inject with insulin pens and are smart-phone/tablet users who download and use Apps. All HCPs personally make insulin treatment decisions in diabetes.

We also conducted 20-minute online survey with patients & HCPs – sampling considerations were consistent with the qualitative sample with the addition of all HCPs actively managing diabetes patients, including a minimum number of patients on mealtime insulins and comfortable with technology (smartphones/Bluetooth).

Within the quantitative survey we used the Van Westendorp technique to gauge the price points that patients are comfortable paying and HCPs are comfortable recommending for each device solution. Each respondent was shown an online labelled price scale and was asked to plot three price points on the line in terms of additional monthly co-pay for the patient. This technique gives a fuller picture of co-pay thresholds than simply asking for a single price point.

The outcome

Final strategic recommendations were developed by considering all elements of the research. We delivered a global report with analysis cut various ways to allow our client the ability to fully interrogate the data. The findings from our research helped our client to understand:

Patient insights:

  • Their willingness to pay a higher co-pay for the technology and understand
  • The maximum amount they would be willing to pay for each option

HCP insights:

  • Their interest and value in obtaining the insulin dosing data from patients and why
  • Whether they would proactively recommend the connected pen to patients and would they recommend episodic or continuous use
  • Which patient segment they would most likely recommend the connectivity pen to

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