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How we helped our client identify key messages for their allergy diagnostics in order to win in China

The challenge

Our client wanted to understand decision making in allergy diagnostics and perceptions of allergy testing platforms to inform their positioning and communication strategy in China. Research was required to identify current allergy diagnostic practices, unmet needs and value drivers to feed into message development.

The solution

We conducted a multi-phase study with a range of specialties and lab managers involved in allergy diagnostics:

  • Qualitative explorative interviews
  • Message development workshop
  • Quantitative survey, including a max-diff exercise

The qualitative interviews allowed us to deep dive into current practices, decision drivers and perceptions of allergy tests across Tier 3 hospitals. Based on the findings we facilitated a series of workshops with the client’s stakeholder teams to develop compelling and differentiating messages to be tested in a follow up quantitative phase. We included a max-diff exercise to understand what messages are truly motivating to customers, in order for them to consider using our client’s platform.

The outputs

Our research identified messages in order for our client to be established as leaders in allergy diagnostics in China by addressing relevant unmet needs, value drivers and challenges. We incorporated Turf (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis which determined the message story that reaches the greatest number of unique customers. In addition, we delivered a Turf simulator which allowed our client to interrogate and build additional message combinations for certain customers. Our findings also provided insights into relevant communication channels and influencers to disseminate the messages.

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