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How we helped optimize a Patient Support Program (PSP) website and assess the need for a PSP Portal

The challenge

Our client wanted to evaluate and optimize their PSP website prior to launch to ensure a streamlined user experience across HCPs and patients / caregivers.

Our client also wished to assess the value in providing a PSP Portal to provide a customized experience in order to make a go/no-go decision on investing resources in creating a Portal.

The solution

Focus groups were conducted with payers and payer-advising KOLs from across Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK to understand the clinical perceptions of each regimen and how the product was valued in comparison to emerging agents. In addition they were asked to discuss what their perspectives were with regard to reimbursement and access potential, and what would motivate them to consider the product in the future – including any additional data they would desire to improve access.

We conducted two phases of research:

Phase 1: Web-assisted telephone depth UX interviews with patients and HCPs who help patients enroll in PSPs (office staff, nurses, physicians)

A website prototype was developed and tested to understand expected features and content, with live viewing via screen share of the user experience

Phase 2: Web-assisted telephone depth interviews with patients and HCPs who monitor medication approvals and help patients enroll in PSPs (office staff,
nurses, physicians)

Focus was placed on the value of portal offerings and minimum expected content and features to ascertain whether our client could deliver on the user expectations.

The outputs

Findings from the research allowed us to provide strategic recommendations which focused on how our client could develop a launch strategy that would more effectively motivate payers to reimburse and HCPs to prescribe their product. We were able to provide insights into how payers would react to the clinical data in each market, what impact competitor products would have on pricing and reimbursement of the two regimens, and how the product sequencing and launch timings would impact the price and access of the product combinations.

  • Agile approach allowed prototype interactions
  • Clear recommendations for optimizing PSP website
  • Identified key needs for a Portal offering

Our Phase 1 findings helped our client to provide an optimized user experience, across the various stakeholders interviewed, and we took an agile approach to test different iterations of a key feature. Taking this agile approach allowed us to continue to refine the experience and provide a final recommendation that was developed implementing feedback in real time.

In Phase 2, we delivered clear recommendations on the minimum expectations for what a Portal would need to offer, along with an alternative approach based on HCP experiences.

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