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How we helped assess the asthma market landscape in emerging markets

The challenge

Our client was jointly developing a fully-human monoclonal antibody (mAB) with a number of potential immunological indications. In order to prepare for launch, primary and secondary market research was required to understand more fully the asthma landscape.

The solution

We investigated the asthma landscape in 12 global emerging markets: Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE. We conducted secondary research to uncover insights relating to the current treatment paradigm, market size, pricing and reimbursement status, regulatory guidelines as well as the biologic landscape in each market. To support these findings, we then conducted validation interviews with payers and PA-KOLs in each market.

The outputs

With our consultative style working approach, we triangulated all analysis and desk research to develop a clear picture of several immunological therapy areas for our client. We delivered insights on the current treatment paradigm and how these influence prescribing decisions. In addition, we delivered information on the licensing status and indication of immunology products, economic burden of disease, budget impact, official prices and non-drug costs of disease. Furthermore, we provided high-level assessment of the market potential looking at current treatment sales. Finally, we outlined how other high-priced immuno-modulating biologics were able to achieve reimbursement in emerging markets.

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