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How we helped a joint venture in the strategic development of a digital diagnostic tool

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The challenge

Two life science clients were jointly developing a digital application designed to help clinicians with the early identification of a life-threatening medical emergency/condition.

Research was needed to build an economic “theory” for the proposed solution, reactions to the concept, strengths and drawbacks, possible future improvements and potential pricing.

The solution

In a previous phase of research, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research with caregivers to understand how the disease was currently identified and managed, as well as identify unmet needs regarding disease management. Caregivers were exposed to the digital application (blinded as Product S) to understand reactions to various value propositions (promises) to assess believability, importance, and interest.

In this phase of research, qualitative research was conducted among implementers (those involved in the evaluation, purchase, and execution of a solution or initiative) to:

  • Assess current identification and management initiatives, as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • Identify who is involved at each stage of the process and understand how program success is measured and evaluated.

Qualitative research was also conducted with hospital decision makers (CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, and COOs) in both the US and UK. Decision-makers were exposed to Product S and asked to share overall reactions, degree of alignment with institution goals, and likelihood to purchase at various price points.

The outputs

Our research revealed strong interest in investing in the product concept and, in the US, it was felt to be in alignment with strategic goals, although some barriers remain. While UK stakeholders appreciate the solution, there is polarisation with respect to the degree to which it aligns with strategic goals. We were able to give strategic direction on the design of the concept and an idea of uptake at various price points in both markets.

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