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How we assessed the ongoing market opportunity for a digital health solution

The challenge

Our client wanted to validate if their digital tool, which combined various features including a diagnostic element, delivered as an App, was still a good commercial fit compared with alternative options, looking at multiple therapy areas and various emerging markets. They also wanted to identify the optimum positioning for the product, especially in light of the pandemic, looking at its value proposition and identifying the most attractive markets.

The solution

In two separate phases, we conducted depth interviews with KOLs, healthcare workers, payers, government employees and clinical workers, as well as regional non-government organisations with a clinical focus in 6 markets across Africa and APAC.

  • In the first phase we sought to understand current landscape, identify regional partnership candidates, needs, drivers and barriers to digital diagnostics and the opportunity for this product.
  • In the second phase we assessed reactions to the concept and the expected pricing model, proposition, and willingness to adopt/advocate.
The outputs

In our report, we were able to provide detail on the technological infrastructure in each market, particularly in light of the accelerated uptake of virtual communications and digital tools and provide analysis of the likelihood to adopt the concept in each market and each therapy area.

We were also able to provide detailed feedback on the features that resonate with stakeholders across markets and how the App differentiated itself from many of its competitors. However, we did identify some barriers to adoption, which we were able to give strategic direction on ways to overcome.

Finally, we gave clear guidance on a launch plan for the app across each key market and TA, with recommendations for successful deployment.

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