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How to conduct research for scientific publication

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Publishing market research in a peer-reviewed journal transforms study findings from real-world data into real-world evidence. But what are the challenges for conducting market research projects intended for publication in a peer-reviewed journal?

Clinical trial data is still the gold standard for evidence-based practice, helping to guide treatment protocols for healthcare professionals to deliver to their patients. However, in a world where payers and healthcare systems are demanding increased value for money, additional real-world insights can play an important role in how stakeholders across the healthcare value chain make decisions. Market research insights published in a peer-reviewed journal can be invaluable for shaping opinions and can provide stakeholders with objective evidence of discernible positive patient outcomes to help support them in their decision-making.

Market research must be conducted in an extremely rigorous manner to ensure that real-world insights are deemed credible and trustworthy. Depending on the objective of the study, sample needs to reflect the population, to reduce any potential selection bias. The questionnaire design must be appropriate, intelligible and unambiguous. Research insights need to be presented in a clearly organized and understandable format to be considered for publication in a high-impact journal. Collaborating with professional medical writers who have experience in developing high-quality manuscripts will increase the likelihood that your study is accepted by higher-impact journals.

Based on our expertise and experience of conducting market research for scientific publication in both developed and emerging markets across a wide range of therapy areas, we have put together a guide on how to establish medical credibility with your research.

What’s inside the guide?

  • The benefits
  • The challenges
  • Our recommended 4-step process
  • Example case studies

Download the guide.

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