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EphMRA Basel 2022 round-up

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We were delighted to present a paper at the EphMRA one-day meeting in Basel, Switzerland on Tuesday 27th September. Director Emilie Braund co-presented ‘Elevating your concept testing with AI powered insights and analytics’ with Pharmaceutical market research and insights consultant, Alison Buchanan on behalf of Janssen EMEA.

In their presentation, Emilie and Alison described how innovative new technologies can complement traditional primary market research techniques to provide a truer, multi-dimensional picture of how marketing communications perform with the target audience in a post-pandemic era.

In addition, they explained how a new, behavioural science led approach to communications research can take into account both instinctive and considered thinking as well as other behavioural biases to provide a more holistic evaluation of marketing materials. Furthermore, they outlined how each of the various components of this new approach offered complementary benefits for a recent Janssen project to evaluate creative concepts.

Finally, to demonstrate how the approach works, they shared AI analysis of recently award-winning pharmaceutical marketing campaigns to show why “Attention Matters” and highlight how some of those campaigns could have been even further optimised.

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