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Communication trends in Latin America: How pharma can utilize new and emerging digital platforms

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Smartphones and digital technology have revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. Latin America, like other parts of the world, has been swift to embrace new and emerging digital applications, in particular WhatsApp, which has become an ubiquitous tool for people in both their personal lives and in business.

As digital communication channels increase in popularity, it is important for the pharmaceutical industry to keep in step. Understanding how to leverage platforms like WhatsApp as both a means of generating customer insight and as a stakeholder engagement tool, will help pharma companies to have impact in this exciting and ever-changing region.

In this webcast, emerging market and Latin America experts, Paul Reed and Rachel Howard, discuss the latest communication tools and trends in the region. They address the impact on doing business in Latin America and what these new ways of communicating mean for both pharmaceutical marketing and market research. They share a case study example of digital ethnography conducted with migraine patients using WhatsApp diaries in Mexico and highlight some of the opportunities and challenges of using this platform to generate actionable insights.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Communication trends: The rise in popularity of WhatsApp.
  • Impact on business: How can pharma companies use digital platforms to communicate better with their customers?
  • What does this mean for market researchers? Benefits and limitations
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