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US domestic

Helping you manage large-scale domestic research projects

With the US healthcare system undergoing reform and a change in political leadership, how can pharma ensure success in these unpredictable times?

Our senior team, located on the East and West coasts, offer the national coverage and local expertise you need to address the marketing issues of the US market. We can help to:

  • Deliver fast results and be flexible and responsive
  • Provide creative mixed-methodology solutions that make the most of limited budgets
  • Understand the increasing emphasis on the patient as a key stakeholder
  • Provide in-house moderation and call on a network of experienced external moderators
  • Deliver insights using a storytelling approach appropriate for presentation to the C-suite
Our senior US researchers are supported by a 200-strong global team and offer the resources and capabilities you would expect from the largest independent healthcare market research and agency in the world. The team has extensive therapy area experience, particularly in areas of growth such as oncology and autoimmune diseases.  

Our specialist market access team provides pricing and reimbursement services to complement our market research offering.

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