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Latin America and the Caribbean

Healthcare market research specialists with the local knowledge and experience to help you maximise your competitive advantage

As the various economies within Latin America and the Caribbean continue to grow, the healthcare market in these regions present a wide range of opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry. Urbanisation, increasing access to education and a burgeoning middle class are all helping to boost income levels, thus driving the growth of pharmaceutical sales as people begin to spend more on healthcare.

Like any other region, Latin America and the Caribbean present their own unique set of cultural and logistical challenges when it comes to conducting healthcare market research. Each country is different, with its own distinctive socio-economic environment, and as a result market research projects must be tailored to each market.

We know these markets and understand their complexities and characteristics. We have conducted over 250 healthcare market research projects across Latin America and the Caribbean covering a wide variety of research objectives and therapy areas, for both local and international organisations.

Our Latin American and Caribbean specialists work closely with trusted partners on the ground to ensure research is carried out rigorously, and are supported by a 130-strong global team of market researchers. We answer the research objectives, but we also aim to go beyond this to help address the fundamental business question.

LATAM resources:

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Communication trends in Latin America. 


Conducting research in Latin America


Conducting research in Latin America. 




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