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Digital health - Proprietary methodologies

Techniques to deliver actionable digital health insights

Our innovative methodologies help you navigate the digital health landscape: 



Our bespoke method for technographic profiling allows you to segment customers based on their digital preferences and behaviour to target them more effectively.


Our proprietary methodology, Conference Live, has been adapted to allow an evaluation of a virtual event. We can also measure the impact of both aspects - the in-person conference and virtual elements - for a full picture of your marketing impact.


A new breed of Key Online Influencer has emerged with as much power to persuade as the traditional KOL. Our method allows you to identify, profile and map the online influencers in your chosen therapy area, including (if required), patients as well as HCPs.


People have high expectations of website and app usability and a poor experience can damage your brand. Our expert team of UX researchers can help you to design, test and track the performance of your digital assets to ensure yours are working optimally. 


Patient care has been severely disrupted during the pandemic. Our proprietary method for evaluating patient support programmes pre and post launch follows a systematic approach to help you ensure the programme is designed to effectively meet patients’ needs and that adoption is maximised.


When evaluating digital health solutions, respondents may need to adopt a future mindset. Future framing is our proprietary method to help respondents picture decision-making processes around products and services in a realistic, future context using immersive methods.



A wealth of emotional information can be drawn from our facial expressions and tone of voice, which can be very valuable for uncovering emotional insights. We partner with experts in the area of artificial intelligence and use our proprietary method Emotion AI to analyse both facial expressions and vocal sentiment.



In developing new digital products or solutions, you need to understand what features will be most important to your customers.
ChoiceQual is a hybrid approach using conjoint that can be applied in a qualitative setting with small sample sizes


Digital health resources

Technographic profiling shutterstock_505184179


The positive impact of technographic profiling on omnichannel marketing.

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From KOLs to KOIs – How to identify and engage the new healthcare influencers.

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Virtual conference research

Case study

How we adapted our conference research to a virtual setting to measure performance and reactions

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UX beyond the website: Insights for the age of omnichannel.

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