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Client satisfaction & reviews

We maintain high standards by continually monitoring and requesting feedback

We are fortunate to enjoy a high level of satisfaction and repeat business from our clients.

At the end of every project, we ask you to complete a short online questionnaire. We use the findings to evaluate our performance and make improvements when necessary.  Key results are published annually here, as well as any other reviews we receive from clients.

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"Really appreciated RP’s flexibility, patience, and diligence working through countless changes to the project as more of our stakeholders became involved with the research. Thought the weekly check-in meetings were extremely valuable in keeping the team aligned and moving forward and appreciated the extra time and effort it takes on RP’s part to make that happen. Was very impressed with both moderators and felt both did a great job getting through an inordinate amount of discussion material. Clearly, RP is a leader in MedTech market research and RP’s expertise positively differentiates RP from other market research firms that our company uses and will be why the team will continue to come back to RP as they have more research needs with these MedTech audiences."
Senior Manager, US Customer Markets & Insights

“Congratulations for the debrief today. You covered the findings very clearly and effectively, well done for managing! The team is very pleased with the deliverable. Thanks again for putting together something that was beyond expectation! It was a challenging project from various aspects but you pulled off successfully, and I am really glad to have worked with you on this project, and looking forward to further collaboration.”
EMEA Market Research Manager

"This is definitely insightful and comprehensive market research, which is indeed valuable for us to sharpen our strategy."
Senior Product Manager, China

“Thank you! Really appreciate your team’s partnership. I tell everyone it is the best of any agency partner we work with!”
Global Franchise Head

“It has been a pleasure working with you. The team have been really accountable with clear communication and good time management. Thank you again and I am looking forward to working with you in the future!"
Global Marketing Group Lead

"This research was likely first in the industry and first to include all marketing functions. You assured us that next steps will get us the competitive advantage we need to remain leaders in the marketplace.”
Senior Manager, Business Analysis & Insights
“As always, you have all done a great job (you never disappoint us!) I always appreciate your partnership and the level of insights your team brings to us. I think we took the great first step through positioning research and I do believe we will continue to bring great market insights to the team.”
Associate Director, Commercial Operations

“From the patience you showed as we were trying to figure out the main objectives for the research, to the flexibility and agility demonstrated until we finally settled on a methodology and the expertise provided in helping us optimise the guide and execute the research, this was the true definition of a research partnership. This is an extremely critical time in the product development cycle and because of the great execution of this project the team is feeling very confident that the decisions we make from the results of the research will keep us moving on the path to success. In addition, the ability of your team to share the results in a compelling and easy-to-digest format was truly the icing on the cake."
Senior Manager, Marketing Research

“Research Partnership is one of the best agencies working in China & Emerging Markets. The project team was simply brilliant and very responsive to all client needs. They helped me to manage almost 15 countries and did an extremely wonderful job. Additionally, a fantastic support and co-ordination of the Scientific Publication we are aiming for. Simply the best!”
Head of Customer Insights

“A big Thank You to you and the great team(s) supporting us with this study – both Qual and Quant Phases. We have really been singing your praises on the quality of insights and presentation throughout. Amazing job!"
Director, Commercial Intelligence