Client satisfaction & reviews

We maintain high standards by continually monitoring and requesting feedback

We are fortunate to enjoy a high level of satisfaction and repeat business from our clients.

At the end of every project, we ask you to complete a short online questionnaire. We use the findings to evaluate our performance and make improvements when necessary.  Key results are published annually here, as well as any other reviews we receive from clients.

Project feedback survey infographic July 2021


"Thank you for such a prepared and thorough presentation. It went very well, there was high engagement and it was very helpful. I certainly enjoyed and learned a lot from working with your very capable team…You were highly responsive to our needs and listened and addressed them fully. I look forward to future opportunities to work with you."
Senior Product Manager

"Thanks again for the great presentation and the great job the team at Research Partnership has done again!"
Insights Lead

"I just want to thank you once more for the great job and commitment. Amazing team with a super deliverable."
Head Customer Insight

"Excellent consistent quality delivery of insights each time. Strong team work all around. Appreciate the expertise of the entire team!"
Market Research

"The project team were excellent, experienced, professional and very timely with responses to any of our questions and to meeting key milestones of the project. It was a pleasure working with the team."
Market Research

“A huge THANK YOU for all your hard work during the market research project. From the beginning when you were added to the vendor list to when we asked for various cuts of the final analysis you and your team demonstrated agility, quality thinking and expertise that we really valued. You seamlessly adapted to our changing needs and requests as they were raised and were a great sounding board as we evaluated different approaches to take to ensure we got the best outcome with the research.

You were true partners at every step, provided high quality analysis with the results and impressed our GMs and medical colleagues. Thanks for helping us identify some important insights that will help us accelerate our performance."
Global Franchise Director

"This was one of the most insightful pieces of research I’ve seen! I was particularly thrilled to see the patient profiling work as that has always been a challenge to identify, both in aiding HCPs to make treatment decisions, but also when sizing appropriate opportunity.

Kudos to all of you and your strong partnership!"
Head of Worldwide Market Research

"I would like to congratulate you, the insights team and also Research Partnership. It is thoroughly rich, full of detail and very well led by the global team. I am certain that it will be a key success to improve the accelerated growth of the brand, as well as the brand awareness to HCPs." 
Product Manager, Brazil

"This is definitely insightful and comprehensive market research, which is indeed valuable for us to sharpen our strategy."
Senior Product Manager, China

"The reports you did for us were great, it was directive and useful, with clear strategic recommendations that really set RP apart from the others. We hope you can do the same for our next research as well.”
GI Franchise Head

"I think the message was clear, and the presentation was crisp. I want to give kudos to everyone who helped bring the final product together. Thank you for the strong partnership. Please extend my appreciation for all the hard work to your broader teams."
Associate Director

"I would like to say huge thanks for the fantastic work you’ve done. The teams are truly impressed about the power of this methodology."
Worldwide Medical Director

"This was a really unique and insightful piece of research. Thanks to our partners at RP. Amazing job!" 
Market Research

"The marketing lead was thrilled. We have never gotten to this level of insights before with patients.  Job well done"
Market Research

"This team was phenomenal. They were agile and adapted to our business needs and the changing environment. This has been a very productive, collaborative working relationship. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Research Partnership, and specifically this project team, in the future."
Manager, Insights and Experience Strategy

"Your team have been so responsive and so quick with all the turnarounds and changes. I want to thank you for your efficient, gracious customer service, as well as the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on this project. No doubt it comes with loads of experience, which you obviously have had and for which I am grateful."
Medical Head

“Thank you again for your diligence and support during these unprecedented times of urgent and ever moving deadlines. This is business critical for us and the work you are doing is being used to enable us to feel confident with the data we are providing. Many thanks to the team for completing the fieldwork significantly faster than normal to get us to this stage. There has been a lot of effort behind the scenes, late nights and working through weekends to accelerate this project. It is much appreciated.”
Business Insights Director 

“Research Partnership is one of the best agencies working in China & Emerging Markets. The project team was simply brilliant and very responsive to all client needs. They helped me to manage almost 15 countries and did an extremely wonderful job. Additionally, a fantastic support and co-ordination of the Scientific Publication we are aiming for. Simply the best!”
Head of Customer Insights 

“From the patience you showed as we were trying to figure out the main objectives for the research, to the flexibility and agility demonstrated until we finally settled on a methodology and the expertise provided in helping us optimise the guide and execute the research, this was the true definition of a research partnership.  This is an extremely critical time in the product development cycle and because of the great execution of this project the team is feeling very confident that the decisions we make from the results of the research will keep us moving on the path to success.  In addition, the ability of your team to share the results in a compelling and easy-to-digest format was truly the icing on the cake."
Senior Manager, Marketing Research

“Thank you all so much at Research Partnership once again for helping us to turn this project around so quickly but maintaining our compliance and producing a professional piece of work that we are proud to deliver to our regulator.”
Strategic Insights Manager

"Thank you for being such a great thought partner! You truly care about the business and also understand the importance of this project to the business. You are not just managing yet another project on your plate—for that, I am grateful. Thank you!"
Director, Marketing

“Thanks for doing a fantastic job on the series of market research projects! These projects have been tremendously helpful in guiding the Global/US/EU teams develop their respective strategic and launch plans. We truly appreciate all your hard work/efforts and thought partnership.”
Associate Director

“This is the first time I’ve received a market research report and haven’t had to change slides. The time put into thoughtful synthesis in a difficult subject is so obvious and I am delighted! I just forwarded the deck onto marketing it was superb analysis and every slide makes the data pop. Thank you so much for all the hard work. I have received very complimentary emails from my colleagues.”
Senior Market Research Manager

“I want to acknowledge the work the team has done on managing the tight timeline for this project. They have been able to keep the ship heading in the right direction, despite several course changes on our end. They have done an incredible job with this project."
Senior Associate Director 

"This research was likely first in the industry and first to include all marketing functions. You assured us that next steps will get us the competitive advantage we need to remain leaders in the marketplace.”
Senior Manager, Business Analysis & Insights

“As always, you have all done a great job (you never disappoint us!) I always appreciate your partnership and the level of insights your team brings to us. I think we took the great first step through positioning research and I do believe we will continue to bring great market insights to the team.”
Associate Director, Commercial Operations 

“It has been a pleasure working with you. The team have been really accountable with clear communication and good time management. Thank you again and I am looking forward to working with you in the future!"
Global Marketing Group Lead

“RP is one of the best vendors that I am currently working with. Outstanding organization, excellent expertise, great people and very responsive!”
Head of Customer Insight