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How to use observational research techniques to get closer to your customer

For real immersion into the world of the customer, ethnographic approaches using observational research techniques can provide a means of digging deeper and getting a more real, less 'contaminated' insight into their life. At Research Partnership we have been exploring the benefits of using approaches where the interviewer is less visible to the respondent to understand the dynamics between different customer groups.


During this RP Informs session we demonstrate how to use a range of observational research techniques, from traditional methods drawing on the principles of ethnography to newer forms using mobile and digital technologies to effectively bring you closer to the respondent and capture insights in-the-moment.The session lasts 60 minutes including a 15 minute Q&A session and covers the following topics:

1. The benefits and applications of observational research

2. Approaches and techniques using a number of case studies:

- Using mobile research to understand prescribing decisions
- Getting a truer picture of compliance behaviour
- Assessing device usability using hand-held video cameras
- Using ethnography and accompanied visits to understand emerging markets
- Simulated Consultations as a means of understanding patient/physician interaction

3. How to effectively apply observational techniques to achieve your objectives

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