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How to capture ‘moments-of-truth’ using online communities & bulletin boards

Market research online communities (MROCs) and bulletin boards are growing in popularity because they offer specific benefits over or alongside more traditional methodologies. Used properly, moderated far-ranging discussions can illicit deep and intimate responses, allowing us to capture those critical “moments of truth”. One of the key benefits in using MROCs is the ability to reach and engage with hard-to-reach respondents such as patients with rare diseases. In cases like this, MROCs provide an opportunity for patients with limited access to support groups to engage with each other, delivering richer insights as a result.

That’s not to say that these types of studies don’t come with certain challenges. Moderators must be experienced enough to handle and challenge the individuals so that research objectives are successfully achieved. Maintaining engagement, particularly over longer periods of time, can be tough. And in the healthcare environment, it can be tricky ensuring that strict regulatory guidelines around data protection and adverse event reporting are met.


During this tutorial we demonstrate how, with careful set-up and management, online communities and bulletin boards can be excellent methods of capturing truer, deeper insights. The session lasts 60 minutes including a 15 minute Q&A session and covers the following topics:

1. When to use online communities & bulletin boards

2. How they can be used help to capture the “moments of truth”

3. How to overcome common challenges

4. Best practice tips that will contribute to a successful online community or bulletin board study

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