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Are you looking for a deeper understanding of the emotional needs, behaviours and treatment programmes of patients living with a chronic illness?

Living With is a series of reports offering comprehensive and cost effective insight into the patient journey from pre-diagnosis to stabilisation. These reports are based on quantitative market research studies conducted amongst large samples of patients living with specific chronic illnesses. As well as delivering detailed findings in an easy-to-digest graphic format, each report comes with a detailed segmentation analysis identifying distinct patient groups for targeting.

2016 Reports:


Living With SLE Cover 281016

New: Living with Lupus 2016
Markets: EU & US
Price: £55,700-5EU alone £39,500 
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Living With Chronic Pain

New: Living with Chronic Pain 2016
Markets: US
Price: £29,500 
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Living with Ulcerative Colitis 21116 jpeg.jpg

New: Living with UC 2016
Markets: 5EU 
Price: £42,000 
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Living With RA

New: Living with RA 2016
Markets: 5EU 
Price: £39,500 
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Living With RA

New: Living with RA US 2016
Markets: US
Price: £47,000 
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Living With Crohn 's Disease

New: Living with Crohn's 2016
Markets: 5EU & US
Price: £50,500 
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Living With Psa

New: Living with PsA 2016
Markets: 5EU
Price: £35,500 
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The surveys 


30-40 minute interviews are conducted with a large, representative sample of patients in each given therapy area. Additional telephone depth interviews are carried out with a small sub-sample to give greater qualitative insight.


Respondents must have been diagnosed with the disease and typically receiving prescription treatment. Other quotas are applied depending on the therapy area.


Questionnaires are developed in consultation with a pharmaceutical market researcher who is an expert in the disease area under investigation. Subscribers involved during the set up phase will also have input into questionnaire design.

Segmentation approach

A latent-class segmentation analysis is conducted on the findings based on key attitudinal factors, demographic information, disease path and severity, as well as symptoms experienced.

Key benefits

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Therapy Areas

  In the pipeline

Alzheimer’s, Chronic Kidney Disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Psoriasis 

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Mariel Metcalfe

Head of Living With

Mariel is the Head of Living With and has 10 years of pharmaceutical market research experience in a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including global tracker research and segmentation. She has worked in a variety of therapy areas including infectious, autoimmune and rare diseases, as well as diabetes and oncology. Mariel has extensive experience in market understanding, communications and patient and provider positioning research.

Mariel Metcalfe