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Syndicated research

Our syndicated research services supply global market intelligence across a broad range of disease areas, quickly and cost-effectively

We are committed to providing accurate, ongoing market information using innovative, up-to-the-minute market research techniques to the pharma industry.

Therapy Watch: our real-time patient tracking tool provides instant access to the very latest market data including market shares, switch patterns, treatment patterns and patient demographics.

Living With: our series of patient reports offering in-depth insight into the patient journey from pre-diagnosis to stabilisation. These reports are based on quantitative market research studies conducted amongst large samples of patients living with specific chronic illnesses.

Sharing our knowledge


We offer complimentary workshops on the patient journey referencing our Living With and Therapy Watch data. Workshops are held in your offices at a date and time to suit you and the agenda can be tailored to meet your requirements.


We run a series of webinars referencing findings from our syndicated research.

Visit Rapport to download a recording of past webinars and find out about forthcoming events.  


Therapy Watch »

  • Some example case studies
    How buyer insights guided the development of an effective market strategy for a HIV product

    The challengeOur client was developing a new product for HIV and needed to understand buyer willingness to pay in the emerging markets of South Africa, Kenya, and India. They needed to understand how new medicines are added to the guidelines and how they are evaluated and funded. They also needed to gain an understanding of stakeholders’ reactions to their product, the drivers and barriers to…

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    How scenario testing helped assess demand for a brand launch in the fragmented NSCLC market

    The challengeOur client was developing a new drug aimed at first line NSCLC patients. Ahead of its launch they wanted to assess likely uptake in an already fragmented market space led by established 1st generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). There were several scenarios that the client wanted to test, including impact of launch order and the impact of future 3rd generation TKIs on the drug’s…

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    How we applied user-led design thinking in the ER setting to improve patient care

    The challengeOur client needed to identify the key delivery-device attributes for an antibiotic topical treatment used to combat a group of infections typically affecting young children. Current treatment is a burden and antibiotic resistance is a key issue, which sometimes results in families needing to seek emergency hospital attention in response to acute pain. We interviewed urgent care and ER physicians in order to find…

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  • Our latest webinars
    Full speed ahead: Unlock the full potential of your brand tracking

    You know that you need to conduct regular research to track the performance of your brand. But is your brand tracking delivering the insights your stakeholders need?

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    Portfolio analysis: Making Go/No-Go decisions to optimise the portfolio

    When a pharma company is either considering acquiring a new agent, or developing one in-house, marketers need to understand the impact on the overall portfolio and decide whether to make a go or no-go decision on that asset. US Directors Tom Nolte and Melinda Shorr present this webinar which shows you how market research insights allow you to make confident go/no-go decisions in portfolio planning.…

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    Webcast: Rich in potential - Exploring the opportunity for nutritionals in emerging markets

    A shift to preventative health has seen nutritionals emerge as a rapidly developing area in recent years. But while growth begins to level off in more established territories, attention is turning to emerging markets. Join Research Partnership's emerging market experts Paul Reed and Kira Pillai for our upcoming live webinar ‘Rich in potential: Exploring the opportunity for nutritionals in emerging markets’ in which they will…

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