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Global Health

We work in partnership with international global health organisations, foundations and their partners in developing countries

Tackling global health issues requires an in-depth understanding of the complex forces that shape health worldwide. Our global health team works in partnership with international organisations, foundations, NGOs and other public bodies to conduct healthcare research that helps address a wide range of global health challenges.

We are well-positioned to conduct research in the global health arena because of our geographic reach, our healthcare expertise and experience with various populations across the health system at both a national and community level.

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Geographic reach

We have conducted healthcare research in over 65 countries including over 25 Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) across Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America,  Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa


Countries researched
LMICs researched

Healthcare expertise

While we have studied and conducted research for clients in a variety of health areas; our global health focus includes the following:

  • Newborn and child health e.g., Pneumonia, Meningitis, Respiratory Syncytial Virus infections, Nutrition
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  • Infectious Diseases including Ebola, Dengue, HIV / AIDS
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including Diabetes, Cardiovascular health, Cancer
  • Mental Health e.g., Depression and Schizophrenia

Our research has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and presented at conferences. Find out more » 

Lessons learned from our 20 years of experience 

Through our work on 100+ projects conducting research with hard-to-reach populations and in countries with limited or disparate infrastructure, we have learned:

  • the importance of collaboration throughout the research process
  • the value of leveraging in-country contacts and networks to provide local expertise

Our approach is designed to deliver insights and data that meet the international best practices of conducting research.

Compliance, anti-bribery and corruption

It is very important to Research Partnership that our business is conducted in a transparent way to reflect our high ethical standards. We take compliance, anti-bribery and corruption extremely seriously and we have great confidence in the robustness of our compliance procedures.
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Rachel Howard


Rachel is currently based in London, having previously lived and worked in the US and Asia. She has considerable experience managing large-scale multi-country research projects, with particular focus on conducting research in emerging markets, and willingness to pay / pricing research. Rachel's key healthcare areas of expertise include vaccines and infectious diseases.

Rachel Howard

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