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Customised Emerging Market Tutorials

Your understanding of mature markets is second-to-none, but perhaps your knowledge of emerging markets is less comprehensive. We can bring you up to speed with RP Informs - complimentary, customised tutorials delivered by emerging markets experts, covering key geographies and market research techniques designed to improve your market understanding.

“Thanks to the team for their great workshop on the markets of China and Brazil. The feedback was very positive and the audience found the information provided very interesting and helpful.”
Marketing Associate

What is RP Informs?

RP Informs is a range of free, interactive and engaging tutorials specifically designed for pharma marketers, which can be tailored to fit your information needs. Choose from a range of growth markets, regions, or market issues, or a combination of all of these, to create your ideal session.

RP Informs sessions are hosted via video conference, at a date and time to suit you. They provide a comprehensive overview of selected growth markets and their key characteristics, from the healthcare environment to trends impacting pharma. 

What tutorials are available?

We can provide tutorials on any emerging market. Regions we cover include LATAM, ASEAN, North Asia, MENA and Central Eastern Europe. We offer tutorials on a range of qualitative and quantitative market research techniques including mobile and digital methodologies, tailored for emerging markets. We can address marketing issues through the product lifecycle from opportunity assessment, through brand development and understanding the patient journey. 

View an example agenda:

1. Understanding the Chronic Disease Patient Journey in Emerging Markets »

2. How to conduct effective market research in emerging markets »

3. Uncovering Latin America and the Caribbean »

4. Understanding patient willingness to pay in emerging markets »

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Many thanks to the team for the great presentation yesterday. The universal assessment was very positive.  The audience was very interested, and found your information helpful.
Associate Director

Who will benefit?

We have helped more than 30 global pharmaceutical companies improve their understanding of emerging markets. We cater to all sizes of audience from a small team of market researchers to a large forum of 200 global marketers.  

RP’s dedicated emerging markets team are experts in conducting primary market research in growth markets and have built up a comprehensive understanding of these lesser-known territories.

How do I request an RP Informs session? 

Complete the form below to request your tailored, complimentary session. Choose your markets first, and then which marketing issue or market research technique you would like us to cover. We will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail and arrange a suitable date and time. 

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