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UX (user experience)

Understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations for engaging with digital assets through observation techniques and task analysis

The experiences that a company or brand offers through its digital assets can be integral to its success. As technologies evolve, users’ needs and expectations change. UX research helps you to understand how users are engaging with your digital assets to perform tasks and achieve goals that are important to them.

Insights from UX research will help you identify unarticulated needs and fill in any gaps in your knowledge about your users, context of use, challenges and opportunities, so that you can respond with productive design solutions.

To facilitate your move towards improved user experience we can help with:

Defining the direction of your long-term digital strategy
We uncover important insights by identifying how your target audience is engaging with your digital assets and mapping the users’ information journey, assessing digital behaviour and digital proficiency.

Creating digital experiences that deliver results
We collect user feedback both on live digital assets and those in the design phase. We evaluate and identify optimal site content, organisation, navigation and nomenclature to ensure a positive digital experience with your assets.

Measuring exactly how your product is performing
We assess the navigability of the site, ability of users to complete key behavioural tasks and relevance / completeness of included content.

Achieving your digital strategy
After the research sessions, we deliver and present a full detailed report focused specifically on what changes need to be implemented to achieve your digital strategy. We will help to refine and hone your digital assets based on user feedback and highlight areas for improvement that could be addressed in future updates.

View our video in which Liza Pliss explains why User Experience and Usability testing is essential for optimising the value of digital assets such as websites, apps, and other digital tools »

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Liza Pliss

Director, Head of New York Office

Liza has over 10 years of market research experience and is an expert in UX and Usability research having conducted multiple studies to improve the experience of digital resources for healthcare professionals and consumers. Liza regularly speaks publically on the topic of UX and presented the paper ‘Optimize your digital assets with UX research’ at the 2019 PMR Conference in New Jersey, USA.

Liza Pliss