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Therapeutic expertise

We have considerable experience in conducting global pharmaceutical market research in all the major therapeutic areas and understand the challenges and complexities of working in specific disease areas and across indications.

Click on the links below to find out more about our experience and expertise, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

We can also help you with many other therapy areas including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, hematology, male and female health, nutrition, ophthalmology, pain and wound care, amongst others. Please contact us for our experience in your areas of interest.

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  • Some example case studies
    How we uncovered unmet needs using social media listening

    The challenge: Our client wanted to further their understanding of the impacts a long-term rare skin condition can have on patients by exploring the patient journey. Market research was required to identify opportunities for improving the patient experience and inform the brand strategy for their product.  The solution: We began by conducting exploratory research using social media listening to review the online commentary and get…

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    How we helped our client understand current and future combination pricing strategies in the Multiple Myeloma market

    The challengeOur client had their product  for multiple myeloma (MM) approved in several lines of therapy combined with different backbones. Their product was also being studied in some other indications with additional backbones and was anticipated to receive approval in the coming years. With several other competitive therapies available on the market, including many branded combination products, our client anticipated that payers might start considering…

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    How we helped assess the asthma market landscape in emerging markets

    The challengeOur client was jointly developing a fully-human monoclonal antibody (mAB) with a number of potential immunological indications. In order to prepare for launch, primary and secondary market research was required to understand more fully the asthma landscape. The solutionWe investigated the asthma landscape in 12 global emerging markets: Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE. We conducted…

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  • Our latest feedback
    Client Testimonial “I want to acknowledge the work the team has done..."

    “I want to acknowledge the work the team has done on managing the tight timeline for this project. They have been able to keep the ship heading in the right direction, despite several course changes on our end. They have done an incredible job with this project. Over the past week, the team has gone above and beyond, pulling together a number of slides within…

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    Client Testimonial "This research was likely first in the industry and first to include all marketing functions..."

    "This research was likely first in the industry and first to include all marketing functions. You assured us that next steps will get us the competitive advantage we need to remain leaders in the marketplace.” Senior Manager, Business Analysis & Insights   Find out more about what our clients think about us » Sign up to receive Rapport Rapport is our e-newsletter and online resource for sharing our…

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    Client Testimonial “As always, you have all done a great job..."

    “As always, you have all done a great job (you never disappoint us!) I always appreciate your partnership and the level of insights your team brings to us. I think we took the great first step through positioning research and I do believe we will continue to bring great market insights to the team.” Associate Director, Commercial Operations  Find out more about what our clients…

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