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Therapeutic expertise

We have considerable experience in conducting global pharmaceutical market research in all the major therapeutic areas and understand the challenges and complexities of working in specific disease areas and across indications.

Click on the links below to find out more about our experience and expertise, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

We can also help you with many other therapy areas including cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, hematology, male and female health, nutrition, ophthalmology, pain and wound care, amongst others. Please contact us for our experience in your areas of interest.

Product lifecycle solutions »

  • Some example case studies
    Multiple Sclerosis new medical device research

    The challengeOur client wanted to find out how best to develop an implantable delivery device technology with add-on services in the Multiple Sclerosis market. We were tasked with finding out whether such a device would be accepted by HCPs and patients. We also needed to identify the perceived benefit to stakeholders and offer ideas on how to optimize the device offering through the look of…

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    Shifting perceptions of the use of probiotics in IBS Management

    The challengeOur client was planning to launch an over-the-counter (OTC) probiotics product for the purposes of improving IBS management and wanted to understand current perceptions, practices and usage amoungst a range of healthcare professionals in emerging markets. They wanted to uncover potential leverage points to build a strong storyline and communication strategy for their product, which would encourage healthcare professionals to recommend its use to…

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    Understanding the patient journey and addiction treatment pathways

    The challengeOur client had previously conducted some research and knew that a large proportion of target patients also had addiction issues. They wanted to know more about addiction treatment pathways and the issues that this large proportion of their customers and potential HCP treaters were facing. Therefore, they were seeking further insights to gain a 360 degree understanding to better serve their customers needs.  …

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  • Our latest feedback
    Client Testimonial "Amazing work done by the team..."

    “Amazing work done by the team especially with so many people involved and the short timelines. This very important and our urgent project was handled with professionalism and a sense of urgency. Well done!” Market Research Consultant Find out more about what our clients think about us »  

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    Client Testimonial "Well run project - team members always available when needed..."

    “Well run project - team members always available when needed, good updates on progress throughout the project and very good process of designing the outputs right from the start, to ensure that final presentation and results delivered addressed the key objectives. Much better than other agencies in this respect.” Specialist Care Brand Analyst Find out more about what our clients think about us »  

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    Client Testimonial "You took time to understand our business..."

    "You took time to understand our business, our customers and always came up with high level deliverables at each step of the project." Market Research Manager  Find out more about what our clients think about us »  

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