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Storytelling using data visualisation

We tell the story uncovered in the research with creative outputs utilising a range of data visualisation tools.

The Power Of A Good Story
Stories are powerful - they allow us to absorb and retain information a lot more readily. Stories are memorable - our brains are wired to respond to them.

Stories which are visual are even more engaging.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, there is an increasing need for market research teams to share the insights with their key internal stakeholders, from marketing and brand managers to sales reps and senior management. These audiences don’t have the time to review long Powerpoint presentations created by the market research agency. They demand short, engaging outputs which tell the insight story.

Our in-house graphic design capabilities allow us to deliver a range of multi-media outputs including animations, film and infographics which turn the data into a clear narrative.


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Infographic: The Power of a Good Story

Our storytelling infographic highlights the benefits of storytelling and the role that it can play in enhancing healthcare market research insights. 

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Animated video: The Art of Storytelling Using Data Visualisation

Our storytelling animation, narrated by Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael outlines how Research Partnership uses the art of storytelling using data visualisation techniques to bring to life the key insights from market research findings.

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Interview: Presenting the Power of Visual Storytelling

We invited our in-house Graphic Designer Amanda Brent to tell us about the range of visualisation tools available and explain how these can be used to deliver enhanced market research deliverables. 

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Webinar: The Art of Storytelling in Pharma Market Research
In this webinar we
 introduce the principles of storytelling, demonstrate how these can be applied to healthcare market research and look at ways of finding the story based on the insights.

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Clients say:

“We needed something to communicate the new campaign idea that can be easily socialized and digested across the entire organization. The animated video output from Research Partnership fits the bill perfectly: everyone has two minutes to review an easy-to-understand deliverable. The feedback we got with each region is how they can get the video to be used in their internal meetings.”

“I’ve shared the video in a couple of different meetings and both times, those watching it were really impressed with the way the data was presented.  I was asked by our sales training team if they could use the video to help give those in the field a better sense of how we use market research in the home office.” 

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