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Ensuring an actionable segmentation

Marketing segmentation is widely used across healthcare as a means to better understand key customers. When fully developed, marketing segmentation supports both new launches and existing products, by identifying key messages according to the needs and drivers of each group, and the best multi-media channels to use to communicate them. It also allows for the effective and efficient deployment of the sales force, depending on the stage of the product in its life-cycle.

However, one of the most consistent issues researchers face with segmentation is ensuring that it is actionable, as even the best constructed and well observed segmentation solution will fall down if people within your company don’t engage with it, and the most detailed and comprehensive (and expensive) segmentation is of no use if it isn’t implemented.

This free tutorial explores the key segmentation challenges that researchers experience, and looks to answer 3 main issues – conducting global segmentations, encouraging internal buy-in and ensuring salesforce execution.

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Conducting global segmentations: A key issue in segmentation is in the decision to conduct either a single global segmentation or a specific region/country segmentation. Depending on the launch status of the product, this decision can be further complicated when including markets where Rx market data isn't available. We will discuss how to achieve the most appropriate balance between behaviour and mindset in order to achieve a globally applicable segmentation.  

Encouraging internal buy-in: Even the most thorough segmentation will be left to gather dust if core members of the team do not drive it forward. We will examine the best techniques to ensure that a segmentation is adopted by key internal stakeholders. 

Ensuring sales force execution: The most detailed and comprehensive segmentation are of little use if the physician types cannot be identified in the real world, which is usually the result of several key issues. We will identify these key challenges and explore the ways in which researchers can overcome these issues.

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