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Demand Assessment: Reflecting real world choices

When conducting demand assessment research (including conjoint and other discrete choice analysis tools), it is essential to choose a methodology which will ensure the respondent experience is as realistic as possible. 

We will demonstrate how study design can optimize results by considering approaches such as patient level choices, synthetic patient records and more traditional allocation approaches. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we will make recommendations as to which approach is best utilized for your research in order to better reflect doctors' real world choices.

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Effective methodology: We will discuss how to select the most appropriate approach based on the market research objectives to ensure meaningful insights.

Framing the question: We will examine how best to frame a question in order to gain maximum insight and to make the task more realistic for respondents.

Journey to the future: Learn how to build up a future market scenario step-by-step so that respondents understand the changes and are able to make rational decisions at each stage.

Demand Calibration: The process of demand calibration of preference share (down-weighting) is often a proprietary "black box" technique, which can mean that the client can be unsure how the calibrated figure has been reached. We will demonstrate how pharma market researchers can gain a more realistic and transparent picture of likely product uptake by accounting for factors that will impact on potential demand for both new and existing products.

Case study examples: Using real life case study examples, we will demonstrate a number of key challenges and explore the ways in which researchers can overcome these issues in order to better reflect real world choices

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At a date and time to suit you, at your premises

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Marketing and Market Research professionals.

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