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Pricing strategy in our industry goes well beyond the foundation of price-demand and population. Whether it's for a single-market or a global strategy, we consider the product offering, the competitive enviornment, formulary matters, company expectations and corporate pricing philosophy to underpin our recommendations. 

Research Partnership executives are experienced in providing custom solutions using the right data and consulting principles required for pricing marketing research. Our services include stand-alone assessments, input into forecasting, access scenarios, demand models, response to competitive threats and lifecycle management.

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Brett Gardiner

Director, Market Access

Brett is a Director and heads up our specialist market access team. Brett has managed and contributed to the development of pricing and reimbursement strategies for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in all stages of the product life-cycle across all major European markets, US, Japan, Canada as well as many emerging markets. Brett has particular experience in asset valuation and value communication as well as more complex pricing research: moderation of payer and KOL dyads, focus groups, advisory boards, mock formulary committees and P&R negotiation simulations.

Brett Gardiner

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