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In Reality

Encouraging fresh, new, collaborative ways of thinking

RP_In Reality _Diagram 1__May 2017In Reality is an immersive, moderator-free group environment that takes respondents out of the familiar market research environment, enabling access to deeper insights based on true thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By placing respondents in an alternative environment that generates creative solutions, new product narratives and value added communication approaches, In Reality takes you deeper into the world of the respondent and their modes of thinking. 

A custom-designed moderator-free setting aids respondents in mimicking other behaviours, that may not be feasible in a more traditional market research environment. By minimising respondents awareness of the market research setting, we are able to encourage  more creative and uninhibited thinking, gain deeper insight into what they really think and provide a more “natural”, “observational” understanding of unmet needs and  opportunities, while capturing respondent language and terminology. 

In Reality can be conducted with HCPs, Patients and caregivers, Payers, Consumers or any other pharma stakeholder using a variety of realistic role-play environments to immerse respondents in an alternative world based on perspective, scenario or point in time.

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