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Qualitative research excellence

Our Qualitative Centre of Excellence exists to ensure we continually challenge ourselves to provide the most innovative, intelligent and output-focused qualitative research solutions

Increasingly, our customers need to understand their stakeholders with a greater level of depth and sophistication. We employ both tried and tested approaches as well as newer and more creative solutions to get below the surface and uncover the marketing truths.

Custom qualitative approaches

Depending on your objective, our solution may simply be the use of good quality questioning techniques and projective techniques in group and depth environments.

Observation of the real world

For real immersion into the world of the customer we may recommend using ethnographic approaches involving observation to generate ‘uncontaminated’ findings. We can employ the use of mobile and digital technologies to access customers in the “here and now” of a decision in new and exciting ways. To understand the dynamics between different customer groups, we conduct simulated consultations and interactions to mimic the “real-world” environment.

Understanding the patient journey

Patients needs are now being put at the centre of the marketing strategy, so our qualitative research solutions help you get a deeper understanding of the patient journey from pre-diagnosis through to stabilisation.

Partnership collaboration

We will work with you throughout the research process to deliver insights you can use to direct future strategy. An effective tool is our co-creation workshops, an evolving and iterative process designed to speed up the creative process.

Implementing success

Our experienced senior team supported by our talented researchers are equipped with the skills and creative flair to design and implement qualitative research solutions that genuinely take you further with your decision-making.

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Anne Cunningham


Anne heads up the Qualitative Centre of Excellence team and is based in the London office. She has over 20 years’ experience in market research with a strong background in healthcare, and has particular interest in positioning research, emotional insights and patient research.

Anne Cunningham