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Understanding the global pharmaceutical market

Our insights and recommendations will give you the confidence to make the right strategic decisions at the early stages of drug commercialisation

If you want to launch a pharmaceutical product successfully in today’s complex and highly regulated global healthcare landscape, you need a comprehensive understanding of each market. There are a myriad of factors to consider, such as:

  • Areas of growth and emerging markets
  • Market access
  • Licensing opportunities
  • The competitive landscape
  • Physician and patient drivers
  • Demand forecasts and pricing

Our custom pharmaceutical market research offerings include:

  • Market understanding
  • Gap analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Product evaluations
  • Key driver and barrier understanding
  • SWOT analysis


Developing the product offering »

  • How we helped our client to understand the opportunities across Asia and other emerging markets using interactive outputs

    The challenge:Our client needed to understand why the use of statins in type 2 diabetes patients in South Korea, China, Thailand and other developing countries is low / sub-optimal. Research was required to understand the diabetic patient journey in order to assess the opportunities to expand HCP knowledge on the importance of lipid lowering for type 2 diabetes patients. The client also wanted to explore…

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    How published research underpinned a cancer therapy awareness campaign

    The challengeOur client markets a product for Oral Mucositis (OM) - a side effect of cancer treatment - and wanted to better understand the disease and treatment challenges faced by both patients and physicians across Asia. In addition, our client also wanted to establish KOLs to advocate for the management of OM by raising the overall disease awareness, understanding and provision of better support for…

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    How user-led design thinking was applied in the ER setting to improve patient care

    The challengeOur client needed to identify the key delivery-device attributes for an antibiotic topical treatment used to combat a group of infections typically affecting young children. Current treatment is a burden and antibiotic resistance is a key issue, which sometimes results in families needing to seek emergency hospital attention in response to acute pain. We interviewed urgent care and ER physicians in order to find…

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    Using demand assessment techniques to evaluate the market landscape and product opportunity

    The challenge:Our client wanted to evaluate the potential of two treatments which would offer efficacy and side effects similar to those of biologics in atopic dermatitis. Therefore our client needed to understand more about the US and German market landscape in moderate-severe atopic dermatitis and how these advanced treatments might fit into the treatment algorithim when they are launched, as well as the potential drivers…

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    How we identified the potential opportunity, volume and markets for a new travel vaccine

    The challenge:Our client needed exploratory research to determine the global opportunity for a new travel vaccine in the private market. It was crucial to determine: Which markets had the highest potential to purchase the vaccine in the private market, based on volume of travelers to appropriate regions and the nature of travel Who the key stakeholders were in each market, in terms of involvement with…

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  • Some example case studies
    How we helped to enrich the understanding of value message trade-off choices made by payers in the psoriasis market

    The challenge:our client’s global market access team was preparing value message themes and statements for their new Psoriasis treatment. In order to help prepare them for a successful competitive launch, research was required to better understand the strength and resonance of those statements and themes with payers and to identify the best language and prioritisation for each payer archetype. The solution:We began by reviewing secondary…

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    How we conducted ethnography research to enhance new product development

    The challengeThe majority of stoma patients in developing emerging markets such as India and Indonesia use external bags that are domestically manufactured or imported. We conducted research which gave internal stakeholders the necessary direction for developing a new product concept. The solutionEthnography research in the form of participant observations was conducted with 10 patients in each market who had a permanent colostomy procedure. The ethnography…

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    How we used ethnography to capture behavioural insights

    The challengeHaemophilia A & B markets are highly competitive and cluttered where HCPs and patients perceive similar efficacy and safety across available products. Our client wanted to inform the design of an improved infusion device to differentiate and deliver a better experience. The challenge was to identify deeper insights from behavioural observation (beyond claimed/ stated experience) to differentiate user experience across various devices and identify…

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