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Pharma brand launch and post-launch marketing

Our insights and recommendations will give you the confidence to make the right strategic decisions to leverage the opportunities for your launched pharma brand

Once the pharmaceutical brand is launched, the marketing focus is on continually monitoring and maximising its performance across territories. Marketing teams need to understand what impact their campaigns are having on sales, what messages are resonating with stakeholders, brand perception, awareness and usage. Key questions at this stage include:

  • What is our market share?
  • What messages are being remembered by physicians?
  • How is my advertising campaign performing?
  • How is my pharmaceutical brand perceived by patients?
  • What around-the-pill patient support can we provide?
  • What are the barriers to take-up?
  • What are the opportunities for line extensions?
  • What impact will a competitor entrant have on my pharma brand?

Our custom pharmaceutical market research offerings include:

  • Usage and awareness tracking
  • Message recall
  • Advertising tracking
  • Line / brand extension research
  • Benchmarking
  • Patient experiential research
  • Evaluation of generic attack
  • Post-positioning and launch research


Qualitative excellence »  

  • How KPIs for a newly launched brand were effectively tracked in 25 global markets

    The challenge:With the imminent expected approval and launch of a new product, our client needed to conduct global tracking research to understand knowledge, perceptions, awareness and recall around their product and the quality of sales rep visits. Given the rapidly changing and ever-expanding range of competitor products, it was also important to gauge perceptions and awareness around the current and future competitive set.  The solution:We…

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    How we supported the integration of a new specialty pharmacy product into physician offices

    The situationOur client was launching a novel device and needed to understand the potential drivers and barriers to practice integration. The client requested a detailed journey map, identifying areas of challenge or gaps from different clinical, as well as administrative and purchasing perspectives The solutionWe conducted in-office ethnographies. The practice owner physician, nurse and office/support staff participated from each office in an hour-long meeting.  The…

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    How integrated insights supported a biologic launch strategy across multiple indications

    The challengeOur client is launching a new biologic in immunology across several indications and needed to understand the market, including the patient pool, treatment landscape, potential uptake and reimbursement as well the pricing opportunity. They wanted to use the insights to develop the optimal launch strategy across 12 markets and across indications, and also support the local market access teams by conducting a mock negotiation…

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    How a hybrid approach delivered fast insights to feed into an oncology product’s adoption strategy

    The challengeOur client wanted to quantify how ovarian cancer patients are managed prior to product launch, but also needed to understand why patients do or do not receive key diagnostic tests or therapies. Time constraints limited the ability for a full qualitative phase.                                          The solution We…

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  • Some example case studies
    How we helped to enrich the understanding of value message trade-off choices made by payers in the psoriasis market

    The challenge:our client’s global market access team was preparing value message themes and statements for their new Psoriasis treatment. In order to help prepare them for a successful competitive launch, research was required to better understand the strength and resonance of those statements and themes with payers and to identify the best language and prioritisation for each payer archetype. The solution:We began by reviewing secondary…

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    How we conducted ethnography research to enhance new product development

    The challengeThe majority of stoma patients in developing emerging markets such as India and Indonesia use external bags that are domestically manufactured or imported. We conducted research which gave internal stakeholders the necessary direction for developing a new product concept. The solutionEthnography research in the form of participant observations was conducted with 10 patients in each market who had a permanent colostomy procedure. The ethnography…

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    How we used ethnography to capture behavioural insights

    The challengeHaemophilia A & B markets are highly competitive and cluttered where HCPs and patients perceive similar efficacy and safety across available products. Our client wanted to inform the design of an improved infusion device to differentiate and deliver a better experience. The challenge was to identify deeper insights from behavioural observation (beyond claimed/ stated experience) to differentiate user experience across various devices and identify…

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