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Developing the pharmaceutical product offering

Our insights and recommendations will give you the confidence to make the right strategic decisions as you develop the pharmaceutical product offering

Active compounds are developed into patented products for testing in clinical trials and investigational new drug applications are made with relevant regulatory bodies for approval. At this stage (around Phase III), marketing measures are developed to support the pharmaceutical product offering, covering such areas as the target product profile, market forecasting and preliminary positioning.

Key questions which need to be answered at this stage include:

  • What is the best way to design clinical trials?
  • What is the market opportunity?
  • What is the likely size of the market segment? 
  • What should the product be named?
  • What should be the general positioning for this product?

Our custom pharmaceutical market research offerings include:

  • Clinical trial design evaluation
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Forecasting
  • Name testing
  • Market positioning


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  • How we assessed the opportunity for a rare disease product in emerging markets

    The challenge:Our client had a product indicated for a rare Haematology disease. Whilst this product was successfully launched in over 40 countries globally, it had a limited presence in many emerging markets. Our client needed to conduct market research in order to determine how to maximise the commercial opportunities in each of these different emerging markets. The solution:A three-phase methodology was utilised. A definition phase…

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    How we evaluated the potential for an existing AI product to treat a rare disease

    The challenge:Our client had an existing product in the market for the treatment of an autoimmune condition and wished to explore the opportunities for using this drug to treat another more low-prevalence orphan disease where there is no current targeted treatment available. The client wished to determine the market potential for the existing drug and the challenges they may face. The solution:Interviews were held with…

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    How research supported the design of a support console to drive new product uptake

    The situationOur client was developing a console system to support a new ophthalmology drug delivery system. They wanted to carry out research in order to discover physicians’ suggestions for the current prototype console and the potential barriers and drivers that may affect uptake, prior to initiating full development of the system. The solutionA qualitative approach was utilised in order to focus on the exploration of the key…

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    How buyer insights supported the development of an effective market strategy

    The challengeOur client was developing a new product for HIV and needed to understand buyer willingness to pay in the emerging markets of South Africa, Kenya, and India. They needed to understand how new medicines are added to the guidelines and how they are evaluated and funded. They also needed to gain an understanding of stakeholders’ reactions to their product, the drivers and barriers to…

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  • Some example case studies
    How we conducted conference research to understand physician reactions to abstracts presented in a virtual setting

    Our client had planned to present new scientific data from its growing oncology portfolio and research pipeline at the Annual Meeting of The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

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    How we supported forecasting for a new vaccine by identifying the optimal pricing strategy

    The challengeOur client was looking to identify the price point that would maximise revenue from their new vaccine across 8 emerging markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific, as well as establish long-term projections for their forecasting model. In parallel, they needed to ensure widespread and rapid market penetration of the vaccine, taking into account factors such as consumer socio-economic group, age and household composition.…

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    How we conducted rare disease patient research during the COVID-19 lockdown in China

    The challengeOur client needed to conduct a small number of qualitative interviews in China with patients diagnosed with a rare condition which affects children and young adults. The results of the survey were time critical as they were needed to inform a protocol being published in 30 working days. We faced two key challenges, firstly to find, screen and recruit diagnosed patients with a prevalence…

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