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Market research and consulting

Custom research and consultancy to answer your business questions

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Prescription medicines 
Within prescription medicines, we have therapeutic specialists and experience in a broad range of therapy areas from chronic illnesses to rare diseases.

Consumer health and nutritionals

We combine our knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector with our understanding of patients, physicians and consumers to deliver integrated insights.  

Medical Technology

We have a wealth of experience with medical devices, in vitro and in vivo diagnostics, imaging equipment and e-health solutions. We use our knowledge of the unique market dynamics and regulatory nature of this sector to improve client understanding.

We also offer real-world insights with our range of cost-effective sydicated solutions:

Therapy Watch
Immunology, Virology, Oncology, Nephrology, Cardiovascular and others
Our online syndicated tracking programme provides global marketing teams with real-time access to the key dynamics driving their market. Using appropriately designed physician panels, we provide patient chart data for a broad range of therapeutic areas and geographies. 

Living With
Immunology, Atopic Dermatitis, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, NASH and others
Our patient report series offer fresh insight into the behaviour, attitudes and needs of people living with different types of chronic illness, providing a map of the patient journey from pre-diagnosis to stabilisation. 


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