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Segment the market in a way that is actionable, usable and can be integrated with your internal systems

Segmentation is a critical step in both the sales and marketing of healthcare products. It is invaluable at many stages in the product lifecycle including defining the market, understanding potential customers, developing targeted communications and portfolio positioning. Research Partnership offers expertise in both physician and patient segmentation, ensuring that they are always actionable, usable and can be integrated with other data sources. 

Our approach

For a truly successful segmentation, it is critical that the marketing and sales teams are engaged at key points in the process, and are fully supported in the process of implementation. At Research Partnership we use a range of techniques to ensure that the findings from the research are successfully adopted by all of your key internal stakeholders. We are able to support your implementation with a range of tools and creative outputs that highlight and summarise the key insights, and allow stakeholders to engage with the segments in new and creative ways. Find out more about these tools in our infographic below.

Tools to action your segmentation

Segmentation resources:



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Case study

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Jenny Redfearn

Research Director

Jenny is a Research Director within the Quantitative team at Research Partnership, with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare market research. Jenny has worked on a number of large scale quantitative research studies with both regional and global teams covering a wide variety of therapy areas and has extensive experience in global tracking and segmentation.