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Demand assessment

Get an accurate measure of likely demand and uptake

Understanding the realistic demand for a new product or service is critical for informing brand strategy. Depending on the level of demand, brand strategy can be tailored accordingly to optimise performance upon launch.

There is no one size fits all approach to conducting a demand assessment. The methodology chosen will depend a great deal on both the product in development and the market in which it will launch and there is often a trade off between wide scope and high detail. The more that is known about the product, and market, the more focused and detailed the demand assessment approach can be.

In developing markets, where local epidemiological or market size information is not available, we work with our Emerging Markets team to understand the nature of these countries and design surveys which capture incidence information during the recruitment process.  Demand Calibration techniques, which use a gated method to adjust for overstatement rather than relying on historic analogues, further improve the quality of our market estimations.

Demand assessment resources:

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Find out about our demand assessment training workshop.

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Case study

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Demand assessment research


Using patient level prescribing data to reflect doctors' real world choices.

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Preparing to launch Demand assessment checklist


Preparing to launch a new asset and in need of demand assessment research? Download our pre-launch checklist.

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MRX time machine (June 2019)


MRX time machine: How to use time series forecasting to improve your demand assessment

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Find out more about our demand assessment expertise.

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Will Tolley


Will is a Director within the Quantitative team at Research Partnership, with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare market research. Will is primarily focused on quantitative research and has worked across a wide range of multi-market studies using various methodologies including segmentation and demand assessment.