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Brand tracking

Monitor perceptions and performance

Tracking is essential to ensuring a successful brand. But as markets continuously change, it’s imperative that your tracker keeps pace and continues to provide the answers you need throughout the brand’s lifecycle.

In the initial phase of launching a brand tracking programme, a lot of work is done to ensure the key issues in the marketplace are addressed. But over time, research can become stale. If your market environment changes, the research design may no longer be appropriate to your information needs. Our dedicated quantitative tracking team will help to either create a new brand tracker, or improve your existing one, with research design and outputs that give you meaningful insights and actionable recommendations. 

Our approach

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Brand tracking resources:

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Case study

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Karen Swords


Karen heads up our Quantitative Centre of Excellence team. Karen has over 15 years experience in healthcare research with specific focus on quantitative methods. Karen's research experience spans all methodologies; however she brings significant expertise in methods using advanced statistical techniques, global tracking and communications testing and message recall.


Vicky McLellan

Research Director

Vicky is a specialist in quantitative research at Research Partnership. Vicky has over 15 years’ experience in ad-hoc healthcare research across a broad range of therapy areas and methodologies. Vicky has significant expertise in quantitative methods using advance statistical techniques, message recall and global brand tracking.