Mobile and digital

Delivering “in-the-moment” market research solutions

We employ the full range of digital methodologies to collect rich, global insights both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Web-assisted interviews
Depths, groups and quantitative research conducted using tools such as Zoom and InterVu, chatbots, WhatsApp & WeChat.

MROCs & Bulletin boards
Bulletin boards conducted in respondent’s own time via a series of tasks over 3-6 days. MROCs conducted by respondent in own time over a longer period in moderated forum to collect longitudinal and in-depth insights.

Virtual / Augmented reality
We can create a virtual or augmented reality to test product concepts or to create a more realistic environment for research.

Digital ethnography
Using online and mobile tools to conduct ethnographic research to go more broadly and deeply into a topic or experience.

UX & usability testing
Evaluate user behaviours, needs and motivations for engaging with digital assets through observation and task analysis

AI / machine learning
Employing tech tools to analyse data, automate processes, create segmentations and deliver dashboards.

Emotional analysis
Analysis of respondents' emotional reactions to stimuli via facial or voice analysis to generate a deeper understanding of beliefs, attitudes or behavior.

Social media listening & online tracking
We conduct analysis of social media activity on a healthcare topic or disease, evaluating content, language and sentiment. We can also track online activity to understand digital behaviour.

Influencer mapping
Using social tools to map and profile new healthcare online influencers to get a robust understanding of their strategic potential and how they can be engaged

Virtual backroom brainstorm
Using online chat tools and private rooms to discuss insights coming from research with clients as they happen

Our proprietary methodologies include:

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Rx Rationale

Using mobile app technology, Rx Rationale captures the reasons for product selection at the point of prescription, when the physician has just seen a patient and has made the decision about the best course of treatment.

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Rx Potential

Using mobile app technology, Rx Potential evaluates your pre-launch product profile with physicians in both a theoretical and real-life clinical setting to get a truer picture of physician decisions. It can be used to build an initial physician segmentation.

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Conference Live

Using mobile technology, Conference Live delivers real-time insights from physicians at conference and evaluates the impact of conference marketing before, during and after the event. 

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Virtual Conference Live

In response to COVID-19 and the move from physical to virtual spaces, we have adapted our approach so that we can continue to effectively measure physicians’ reactions to new announcements and scientific data.

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Our other digital methodologies include:

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Emotional analysis

Used in conjunction with traditional research methods, AI technology is used to evaluate facial and emotional responses to stimuli and provides an additional layer of insight.

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UX research

Understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations for engaging with digital assets through observation techniques and task analysis.

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality

One area in which we have seen increasing interest is virtual reality – immersive computer-generated environments that place users in seemingly life-like situations with which they can interact.

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