The Studio

Enhancing research from design to delivery

The Studio is Research Partnership’s in-house creative services team specialising in the production of high quality visual multi-media including illustration, graphic design, infographics, 3D, film and animation.

Using storytelling and data visualisation, The Studio supports and enhances market research from the design stage through to delivery of final outputs. Creative solutions can be applied to the methodological design of our research to maximise respondent engagement. In the backroom, creative tools can help client teams interpret and analyse the insights.  At the reporting stage, The Studio works in partnership with the research team to produce visual, narrated outputs which can be shared and accessed across the client organisation. 

The Studio offers a wide range of inputs and outputs, to enhance research at all stages of the project lifecycle.  


Stimulus Materials

The Studio can product a range of stimulus materials to enhance fieldwork. Materials such as product profiles, concepts and show cards enable respondents to engage more directly with the research. 

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Props & Styling

The Studio can design and produce a range of props and set dressing for use with Research Partnership's innovative methodologies InReality or Backroom Brainstorm including signage, stationery and other physical stimuli. 

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Sixty-five percent of people are visual learners. The Studio can design a visually engaging infographic that helps to distil the key findings from your market research project. 

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Ninety percent of the information that we remember is based on visual impact. The Studio can design posters that enhance market research insights for your key stakeholders. 

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Video Production & Editing

The Studio can create videos to help support your insights by filming during fieldwork to create visual outputs. We'll work with you to produce a video strategy and content plan, and help to distribute to your key stakeholders. 

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The Studio can design and code a variety of 'interactives' which display data in an impactful format that is more likely to be engaged with and remembered including interactive infographics, dashboards and apps. 

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Books & Magazines

The Studio can create bespoke marketing collateral to communicate findings from market research to ket stakeholders or your wider organisation.

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The Studio can design custom illustrations for a variety of purposes including customer and product personas, segmentations and patient profiles. 

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The Studio can produce and deliver high-quality animations that bring to life the key insights from market research findings. Our team will work with you to create a compelling story that suits your brand, designed to simplify and explain the findings in an engaging way. 

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Podcasts are one of the most unique mediums for reaching your audience. Stakeholders can listen to you while working, at home, on the move, etc., which is rarely possible with any other output. The Studio can produce high-quality podcasts that tell the story of your research findings.

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Amanda Brent

Head of The Studio

Amanda has over 10 years’ experience in media and design. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various media including print, digital, film and animation and a passion for good data visualisation. Amanda leads the creative services design team and is highly skilled at turning complex data and information into engaging outputs and insightful intelligence. Prior to joining Research Partnership, Amanda worked in the film and TV industry as a graphic designer and animator.