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Impact of COVID-19 on the market access landscape

A new syndicated study

At this time, syndicated research is more necessary than ever before. Earlier this year, we conducted a syndicated study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on biopharmaceutical market access through interviews with payers and advisors in the US, Europe, Brazil, and China.

Our study explored both specific therapies and vaccines in development and the effects COVID-19 is expected to have on the future landscape for the life sciences industry more broadly. Including access, evidence requirements, healthcare spending and policy.

This study is relevant for:

  • Manufacturers of COVID-19 therapies and/or vaccines - to understand payer’s expectations around access routes and evidence requirements.
  • Other biopharmaceutical manufacturers - to understand the broader impact on the market access landscape.

The results from the study are available to purchase now. We are planning to run subsequent waves to track payers’ perceptions in the coming months. If this study is potentially of interest to your company and you would like to receive a more detailed overview of the study as well as further information about how we can best support you and your team, please contact us. 


We have produced a series of three infographics outlining just some of the findings from wave one:



Perceptions of COVID-19 vaccine approaches.

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Statistics_social media


Impact of COVID-19 on drugs in development.

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Expectations of cost containment measures in the US.

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Rachel is currently based in London, having previously lived and worked in the US and Asia. She has considerable experience managing large-scale multi-country research projects, with particular focus on conducting research in emerging markets, and willingness to pay / pricing research. Rachel's key healthcare areas of expertise include vaccines and infectious diseases.