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Webcast: Securing a future for telehealth with immersive market research insights

An-hwa Lee and Marietta Fernandes December 2021

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Digital healthcare solutions have seen a sharp rise in recent years and the healthcare industry is keen to provide optimal digital tools and services for their customers. According to research, digital utilisation in the US is now 38 times higher than it was before the pandemic, with other countries witnessing a similar trend.

In this webcast, Director, An-hwa Lee and Associate Director, Marietta Fernandes investigate the current landscape, the challenges to adoption and the future for telehealth.

They discuss what this means in terms of the new business questions for pharma. Using case studies from recent projects, they demonstrate how immersive, real-world market research techniques can be used to understand stakeholder needs and perceptions of telehealth propositions, in order to provide insights into optimal design and delivery.

Key takeaways from this 25-minute webinar:

  • The role and rise of digital solutions and telehealth in healthcare delivery
  • The challenges for telehealth adoption
  • The new business questions for companies looking to invest in telehealth solutions
  • How immersive methodologies can deliver the insights needed to develop an effective telehealth solution 
  • Examples of methods used in recent projects 
  • Considerations for the future of telehealth

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