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Can virtual reality revolutionise the way we conduct healthcare market research?

Can virtual reality revolutionise the way  we conduct healthcare market research?

In the final installment of a three-part series exploring immersive technologies, Harrison Gaiger looks at how technological advances in VR/AR are offering new opportunities for conducting healthcare market research.

Given the powerful impact of VR/AR technology and its expanding applications within the healthcare industry, it is easy to imagine the many ways in which VR/AR can be utilised to develop, research, and evaluate product and service innovations. Instead of simply observing how respondents behave, pharmaceutical and MedTech companies now have the ability to understand the reasons why with greater clarity. VR/AR technology presents market researchers with an opportunity to study customers’ behaviour in more depth than ever before and can provide insights that complement those gathered using traditional market research techniques, such as surveys and focus groups.

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How conjoint was used to determine the optimum features for a BGM device

Our client wanted to determine the optimal new blood glucose monitoring device – one that would best retain their current customers and also attract new ones. They also wanted to be able to rationalise the strengths of their existing portfolio against their competitors. The patient evaluation needed to reflect real life as much as possible, so that it truly reflected patient preference and could predict the future market impact of any new device. 

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