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Guide: How to understand the patient journey

Using a multi-stakeholder approach

The patient journey is changing. Patients are now much more educated and engaged. They have access to information and want to be involved in decisions around their treatment programme.  Technology is changing the way that healthcare is delivered and the way that patients experience healthcare. The journey is also more complex, with an increasing number of healthcare professionals having to work together to provide care.

A thorough understanding of the patient journey is critical. This understanding will allow pharma marketers to identify where the roadblocks are and what can be done to remove them.

Based on our expertise and experience of conducting patient journey research in both developed and emerging markets across a wide range of therapy areas, we have put together a best practice guide based on our multi-stakeholder approach. We explore the five stages of the patient journey, from presentation to stabilization and show you how to identify the roadblocks which could be affecting outcomes. We consider not just the treatment journey, but the emotional journey, and also the digital journey. We share a range of case studies addressing a number of different objectives and explore the different methodologies, tools and techniques which can best be used to answer your information needs.

Understanding the patient journey

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