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Webcast: Evolving Patient Journeys - How to generate deeper insights in a changing healthcare landscape

Nicky Barclay-Prout and Marietta Fernandes

PJ1 Rapport imageSince the pandemic, the accelerated use of digital technology has had an impact on almost every facet of our lives, and especially health. Patient behaviour and the patient journey have changed in every disease area and across every market.

The way that people engage with, and access healthcare is suddenly more complex than it was, and the road ahead is unclear. This evolution calls for a review of the patient journey employing a fresh approach to patient journey understanding.

Watch part one in a series, Evolving Patient Journeys, in which our experts look at the main ways in which the patient journey has evolved in recent years and share the new methodologies and approaches required to deliver fresh insights in a rapidly changing environment.

In this webcast, Directors Melinda Shorr and Nicky Barclay-Prout explain why a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer workable and introduce a new, customizable framework that tailors research design to the individual situation, market environment and business objective.

What you will learn:

  • How to gather the right insights for early commercialization and to guide the design of clinical trials
  • How to gain a foundational patient understanding in a new disease area or for a new asset in an area of unmet need
  • How to get a deeper understanding of the changing emotional needs of patients and their new digital behaviours in areas of chronic illness
  • How to guide the design and evaluate the success of patient engagement initiatives

In part two of the series, planned for late April, we will introduce other Inizio company services looking at patient journey mapping, strategy development and patient engagement activation.

Watch the webcast

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