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Case study: How global NITAG and government KOL research helped to optimise our client's vaccine pipeline prioritisation


Vaccines case studyThe challenge
Our client had a number of vaccine assets in development, including several potential combinations. Research was required to inform their HEOR evidence generation, market development plans, and value dossier development.

The solution

Following an initial landscape assessment to provide a basis for the primary research phase, a series of qualitative interviews were conducted with NITAGs and government agency KOLs. 

For each vaccine asset in scope, interviews explored value perceptions and the potential of the vaccine TPPs to achieve recommendations. In order to maximize the value of these conversations, ahead of the interview sessions each respondent was provided with a country-specific pre-read to aid their understanding of the vaccines landscape and provide context for the research and then invited to complete a pre-task focused on the drivers of vaccine value.

Markets: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, UK, USA, WHO SAGE

The outputs
After developing both a consolidated and country-specific view of key unmet needs and opportunities to inform our clients future business decisions, we triangulated all analysis to further develop clear, pragmatic and actionable recommendations.

For each vaccine asset in scope, we helped our client to understand:

  • What kind of recommendation would be achieved based on the current TPPs
  • What would be required to achieve a broad, age-based recommendation
  • What would be required to achieve a preferential recommendation



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