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Case study: How Free Choice Profiling was used to for an OTC product to win more market share

The challenge

Our client had an OTC product in an already crowded marketplace and wanted to understand how they could win more market share by understanding brand preference and selection.

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The solution
We used Free Choice Profiling - a quasi-quant technique that employs a qualitative sample & method combined with quantitative profiling to give a quick but detailed picture of the market. This method allows respondents to choose their own attributes and rate products against their competitive set.


The outputs
Research revealed that the client's brand was perceived to have higher efficacy than many of its competitors and was seen to be safe and familiar. However, it was thought to offer less value for money and wasn't perceived to be able to resolve a range of pain types. An identical competitor product performed better on all the attributes rated, demonstrating that the cloent's brand needed to be more clearly positioned and defined.

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