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Article: Global health care specialists from coast to coast

Julie Denny, August 2017

Published in Quirk's Faces of Marketing Research

Global health care specialists from coast to coastResearch Partnership is celebrating 20 years in business this year with expansion across the U.S., opening new offices in San Francisco and New York. With headquarters in Philadelphia and a satellite office in Boston, Research Partnership is new expertly placed to support pharma from West to East coast. We shine a light on four of our key faces of research.

Tom Winter relocated from London to run San Francisco. With 14 years of experience and background in genetics and life sciences, Tom has established himself as an expert in immune-oncology, immunology and virology and been instrumental in helping shape the launch strategies of various market-leading products. Tom loves SF, although work is keeping him busy, so he’s on the hunt for more faces to expand the team!

Rachel Howard has become an expert in emerging markets, having started her career in Singapore. Rachel is a keen commentator on the pharmaceutical industry and has had many articles published in the trade press, co-presented webinars and spoken at various industry conferences. With offices on Madison Avenue, Rachel’s biggest fear is maxing out her credit card!

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