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How we helped to enrich the understanding of value message trade-off choices made by payers in the psoriasis market

How we helped to enrich the understanding of value message trade-off choices made by payers in the psoriasis market

The challenge:
our client’s global market access team was preparing value message themes and statements for their new Psoriasis treatment. In order to help prepare them for a successful competitive launch, research was required to better understand the strength and resonance of those statements and themes with payers and to identify the best language and prioritisation for each payer archetype.

The solution:
We began by reviewing secondary data and any research previously conducted by our client. This allowed us to uncover value drivers for their product, agree on the messages to be tested and develop interview materials. We then recruited national, regional and local payers from across the EU with extensive experience in market access, value proposition and message testing.

60-minute qualitative telephone interviews were considered the most appropriate methodology because of the likely markedly different roles and responsibilities. This also enabled us to gain individual reactions to the messaging, which most accurately reflected the real-life setting in which they were likely to be exposed. 

The outcomes:
We analysed the results using traditional payer segmentation criteria as well as behavioural science techniques and incorporated insights by payer archetype. In doing so we were able to: Determine payers’ statement preference and gain insights into what they care about the most in PsO

  • Highlight areas of payer attraction to the products’ value proposition considering the future competitive environment
  • Define which attributes in the value proposition most influence national / local decision-making
  • Understand how prepared payers are to “fight for access”
  • Derive the preference by archetype of the value statements and the preferred language / tone of the message
  • Understand from the exercise any areas demanding more attention / evidence

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