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How we helped our client to evaluate early biosimilar user experience

How we helped our client to evaluate early biosimilar user experience

The challenge:

Our client wanted to evaluate early user experience for physicians and patients across Europe of a newly launched biosimilar in an autoimmune disease. The results were needed to better understand drivers and barriers of prescribing/using biosimilars (vs. biologics) and suitable patient types to develop more targeted communication material.

 The solution:

We opted for qualitative telephone interviews to reach a dispersed and small target group of new biosimilar users (physicians & patients) and discuss individual perceptions and experiences. Respondents were recruited successfully through a good network of local recruiters as well as physician referrals.

In addition, we recruited patients at different stages in the patient journey including biologic naïve and switch patients (from a biologic to a biosimilar as well as switch from biosimilar back to the originator biologic) to understand rationale for treatment selection and to be able to compare experiences between the originator biologic vs. biosimilar.

The interview explored the respondent’s general perception of biosimilars (vs. biologics), decision making for a biosimilar, satisfaction with the biosimilar and potentially a different mode of administration, and perception of the switching process (if applicable).

The outcomes:

We provided our client with detailed insights into the early user experience with the new biosimilar. The overall positive perception and satisfaction with the biosimilar led to confirmation of current key messages. Feedback from less satisfied users, as well as concerns raised over biosimilars helped our client to develop objection handlers. In addition, findings from the different patient types included in the research were used to develop more targeted messages for naïve vs. switch patients. Verbatims from users provided first-hand feedback which delivered rich insights on user experience.

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