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How we used ethnography to capture behavioural insights

How we used ethnography to capture behavioural insights

The challenge
Haemophilia A & B markets are highly competitive and cluttered where HCPs and patients perceive similar efficacy and safety across available products. Our client wanted to inform the design of an improved infusion device to differentiate and deliver a better experience. The challenge was to identify deeper insights from behavioural observation (beyond claimed/ stated experience) to differentiate user experience across various devices and identify the unmet needs and need gaps.

The solution
We conducted 2 hour ethnography immersions among 16 patients in their homes, observing their infusion routine, infusion moments and deconstructing the moment to observe and understand the process (pre, during and post-infusion) and the experiences. The research also captured how patients adapted their daily lives, relationships to infusion routines, how and where they stocked their treatments and alterations/adaptions that were made to their environment to accommodate their infusion routines. 

The outcomes
The pain points, challenges and unmet needs were captured for various patient segments; adults vs children, new vs experienced user, carer administered vs self-administered. The research also uncovered specific unmet needs at each stage of the journey and each unmet need was used as a platform to generate design insights for a new device. 

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